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Diet makes or breaks you !

Vitamin deficiencies, biosis disorders, gluten sensitivity: our mental health is a tribute to our diet. This is the conclusion of several studies on animal and human beings.

Diet… it is known to cause various health issues, from overweight to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, through cholesterol excess or allergies. Remedies and medication are available against those well known troubles and usually, they are working pretty well to remove felt symptoms. What about metal health issues, especially very serious ones where heavy or potentially dangerous medication are given? Some examples of those heavy mental health illnesses or troubles are depression, schizophrenia or autism. If the first one can be, relatively, easily treated, the other two are way harder to handle and to cure. Medication too can be heavy and have uncomfortable (and sometimes dangerous) side-effects, such as drowsiness, suicidal thoughts or hallucinations. Having an easy-to-take treatment or with reduced side-effects is welcome for such pathologies, especially that these sicknesses are usually accompanied with social or interpersonal issues. Thankfully, they exist. Continuer à lire … « Diet makes or breaks you ! »

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Feeding the world : where are we going ?!!

View from the Mandala in the Bec Hellouin farm, Normandy, France. Taken from the Ivory Foundation website : http://theivoryfoundation.org/agriculture-durable-preservation-de-lenvironement/ferme-du-bec-hellouin/

We live in a world saying we do not have enough resources to feed the world. A world saying there are too many people living on the planet. A world saying fields are not giving enough crops to feed everyone. A world saying soils are not fertile enough, especially without human intervention. I also heard that we need to choose between cultivating food for people, for animals or for other usages like rape for petrol.

I stopped the list otherwise it would be 3 pages long. It seems we reached a point where life starts to be an issue, when not everyone alive can live. Is that true ? Is there really nothing we can do about life starting without much of human intervention, like an animal giving birth or a plant spontaneously growing  – sometimes called weeds, that a lot of gardeners wish they would not grow !! – more or less everywhere there is water ? Does it REALLY mean that the same environment, where life pops on its own, cannot provide for it? It seems to be a bit too strange to be true – and it is. Continuer à lire … « Feeding the world : where are we going ?!! »

How your lifestyle harms you… and what to do against that !

How our « modern » lifestyle, acclaimed by the society, is harming us and triggering a lot of subsequent health issues…

For most of us – speaking about grown up adults – life revolves around work, home (whatever you have in it, a whole family with active children, a crazy dog or a cute cat, bills, expensive furniture and mortgage) and sleep. In French, there is a typical saying summing that up, “metro-boulot-dodo” meaning tube-work-sleep. I should add cleaning and maybe grocery shopping if you are not home delivered but this goes usually for the weekend…

This type of life is repetitive and happens in a few types of environments, having all in common being indoors, with few to no contact with nature, sun, good relationships (drinking with colleagues on weekdays and tell your child to see your spouse instead when he/she comes to see you not being the best of relationships), no time to relax and being on your own.

That’s a shame I am writing in English, as there are so many word games I cannot do in English… in French, a lot of places we spend most of our time are related to boxes or blocks : flats, cars, offices, head (yes, as being in our thoughts and/or thinking a lot), night clubs, etc. being in a box meaning being in a closed environment with no contact with the outside (sun, renewed fresh air) and with, depending the size of the box (usually, they fit as much as possible the size of what is in it), very little air, and, the final box, made especially for ourselves, going 6 feet under the ground.

We live most of our time in environments that we escape as soon as we can (holidaaays!!), we rush towards the sea (and underwater !), mountains, countryside, by Auntie or Grandma living in a huge farm or ranch. We spend time sleeping under the sun or being active outside as much as possible, with animals if possible (pets, wild, Grandma’s chickens or goats). We enjoy and make the most of this time and feel a bit sad when it is over. Searching for and wanting such places, being happy once there and sad to leave is a sign, a proof, those escaping environment are good for us and the other we are stuck into are bad for us. We and our bodies know deep down what is good for. If we expose ourselves to something bad for us, we will realise and, sooner or later, suffer from it. An example below…

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Impacts of agro- and biotechnologies on the world – or what « BaySanto » and friendsREALLY do

Following the article about Monsanto, sadly know for ecocides, harming environment, wildlife and farmers, here is some details about its activities and other companies of the same sector.

The world suffers from their activities !

Although the mission of biotechnology activities is honorable, it goes from a very saddening hypothesis : the way nature grows food is not enough – meaning not working properly for the life on this planet. Biotechnologies come to outperform nature by acting on what looks like to prevent crops to grow and to harvest as much as possible. Continuer à lire … « Impacts of agro- and biotechnologies on the world – or what « BaySanto » and friendsREALLY do »

Monsanto decides what YOU eat (even if you don’t like it) and eventually treat YOU using its products.

Monsanto – synonym of Evil for a lot of people. An American company which has been heard for scandals around health and environment, causing diseases, massive pollution and even deaths of people and systems. If you type “Monsanto” on Google, almost the returned results give a negative opinion of the company – among the exceptions is their website, giving a very good image of itself and its activity. When you look at it, there is always a lot of green, a lot of references to innovation (“waaah, innovation is great !”) , to sustainability, happy and smiling/laughing faces thanks to all Monsanto’s goodness… they even have a nice video showing how Monsanto’s work helps small farmers across Africa, India or Europe as well as a happy child walking in a field with his daddy and the family dog running around ! So much of willingness, almost readiness, to help the farmers to feed the world as well as who depends on them and help the environment… but sadly, this is not what Monsanto aims for. A quick research around the activity of modern farming and crop protection will tickle your nostrils and make you realise there is something fishy on the fields. We are not fooled – so you are. And here is why.

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